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Kampinos National Park

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The idea of ​​creating the Park was created in the 1920s. In the 1930s, the first reserves (Granica, Sieraków, Zamczysko) were created in the Kampinos Forest, which are currently strict protection areas in the Kampinos National Park and have a much larger area. Dunes are the most important element of building the Forest area. They come in two forms: arched (parabolic) and dune embankments. The most common are parabolic dunes with an east-facing forehead and arms stretched out to the west and northwest. Swamp areas were created in Prawisły riverbeds cut off from the mainstream. In standing tanks, organic matter accumulated and the shallowing process progressed. Swamp and rush vegetation dominated the fertile and moist soil. Peat deposits began to form from their dead remains, which led to the formation of low moors. in later periods some of them were taken over by forest vegetation - alder and birch marsh forests, the rest remained open. The original natural relations were disturbed only in the last two centuries by man, by draining and exchanging swamps for meadows and pastures.


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